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Investing by the Average Investor

Many changes have led up to the new millennium and few believe that we have seen the end. Today, the Internet is not only a major source for information it has also become the instrument that, according to many, will propel changes rivaling those that accompanied the industrial revolution.

Most companies, including those offering financial products and services, have been affected. Few would have predicted stock trading and banking "on-line" yet it is no longer a novelty. Mutual fund companies are under growing pressures to broaden their family of funds, reduce their Management Expense Ratios (MERs) and provide direct access to their products by consumers. Life insurance companies have not been left behind. Term insurance can now be bought over the Internet and there have been more product changes and enhancements in the last few years than we have seen in the last century.

Fuelled by instant availability of quality information on all aspects of investing combined with a desire to reduce costs when buying financial products and services, investors want to be personally involved in the financial planning process. Investordesktop is designed to be a one-stop site for those who want to take a more hands-on approach to creating their own financial plan. It is not designed to turn you into a financial planner nor discourage you from working with a financial planner. Rather, the objective is to provide you with insight and information that will encourage you to become more involved in the design and management of your personal financial plan.

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